Waterfront Building



The Waterfront Building is not just Stockholm’s most central office property, it is also one of the most climate-smart, with LEED Gold classification and a world-class energy solution.


Shared energy system for a green profile

The key to the green solution is that the Waterfront Building shares its energy system with the hotel and congress centre in the Stockholm Waterfront complex.

For example, 250 tonnes of ice is stored for use together with water from Lake Klara Sjö to regulate the temperature in the buildings – partly for thermal dumping, but also as a heat source in the winter and free cooling when the temperature in the water is sufficiently low. This technology is unique in the world.

The congress centre’s glass façade and double-glazed windows function not only as soundproofing, but also as solar collectors, providing energy for the buildings in the Stockholm Waterfront complex. 1,040 m2 of solar collectors collect an average of 1 MW of thermal energy a day, equivalent to 90,000 normal low-energy light bulbs.