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Sustainability is about more than just a great sustainability rating Arrow down

Sustainability is about more than just a great sustainability rating

Of course, the Waterfront Building is one of the most climate-smart office properties in Stockholm, with LEED Gold classification and a world-class energy solution. But it also provides inhabitants comfort and efficiency, allowing them to work with ease in a productive and healthy environment. Ultimately, this inspiring workspace leads to high worker satisfaction, making it an even more attractive hub for business.

Multiple green options for getting around

Tenants of the Waterfront Building also have access to our environmentally friendly transport services. We offer a fleet of bikes to lend upon request, and even e-scooters to rent. Additionally, we offer e-car rentals to meet client specific needs.

Shared energy system for a greener profile

The key to the green solution is that the Waterfront Building shares its energy system with the hotel and congress centre in the Stockholm Waterfront complex.

For example, 250 tonnes of ice is stored for use together with water from Lake Klara Sjö to regulate the temperature in the buildings, partly for thermal dumping, but also as a heat source in the winter and free cooling when the temperature in the water is sufficiently low. This technology is unique in the world.

It's all certified

The environmental measures and energy solutions have led to the Waterfront Building being awarded the prestigious LEED Gold certification, an international environmental standard and the most widely acclaimed certification system in the world. The acknowledgement from LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) recognises the building’s consideration of environmental aspects such as water and energy consumption.

Sustainability put into perspective

The solar panels of the Waterfront Building complex produce 1,000,000 watts of thermal energy every day. That equals:

  • 5,000 km driven by a Tesla Model S