Waterfront Building


The Waterfront Building offered delicacies to tenants

The Waterfront Building aim to keep a high level of service for our tenants. The entrance of The Waterfront Building with its international standard and the welcoming reception offers you a wide range of services, such as booking taxis, couriers or restaurants. You can also tailor the services to your company´s needs.

As part of our service concept, The Waterfront Building offered an opportunity for our tenants to purchase fresh boiled crayfish and other delights from the quality supplier of delicacies Delikatessgrossisten. The crayfish from Lake Vättern were seasoned with organic dill and prepared in spring water, all to ensure a great flavour and sustainability.

Delikatessgrossisten visited The Waterfront Building and collected the orders and presented their other delicacies. The successful event attracted a lot of interest in the building.