Covid-19 and what we do

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Our goal is to minimize any risk of infection as far as possible


The following will be implement in the Waterfront Building.

* The filters of the ventilation systems will be changed.

* The air exchange (ventilation system) will be significantly increased

* Mobile disinfection dispensers have already been set up - these are to remain in the property permanently

* Signs clearly visible on a stand on several areas in the lobby and on the lifts: "Keep a distance - at least 1.5 m" / "max. 3 persons per lift" / "observe rules for sneezing and coughing".

* Distance markings placed on the floor (reception area and at the lifts).

* Clearly visible signs that the left entrance is to be used to go into the building. The right exit is only to be used when leaving the building. Appropriate signs will also be erected inside the building.

* The cleaning service clean and disinfect the frequently used areas (reception, handles of the revolving drum doors, lift buttons, lift control panels etc.) several times a day.

* Please use the staircase when leaving the building.

* Whether someone wears a breathing mask is up to each one of us

* We will install plexiglass protective screens at the reception desk so that the staff is protected from droplet infections