Stockholm's most central address and state-of-the-art center for business

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The Waterfront Building is more than just an eco-friendly workspace, but an inspiring one too.

Neighbouring Stockholm's City Hall, it stands out in the central cityscape with its eleven floors of glass facade and modern form. It's also one of the most energy efficient office buildings in the city and home to an array of companies also shaping a greener future.

Concierge services

  • Restaurant booking
  • Personal shopper
  • Car rental / Taxi
  • Private driver
  • Airport transport

24/7 Security

The Waterfront Building also has advanced access restriction through speed gates, and separated access to the upper floors. There is also a guard at the reception desk around the clock. All to ensure your safety and security.

Enhancing the modern and creative workspace

From the ground up the Waterfront Building maintains an uncomprising standard of sustainability and quality, while also prioritising its inhabitants' needs.

Indeed, its construction is intended for maximum versatility in terms of room divisions and other functions, allowing you to design your workspace tailored to your needs and to easily adapt the environment when required.

Sustainability is our northern star

Special consideration of the elements, location and materials all went into the sustainability plan for the Waterfront Building.

It's a little known fact that it's one of the most energy efficient office spaces in Stockholm, with LEED Gold certification and a world-class energy solution for minimised carbon dioxide emissions.

Read about the sustainability work we do

Quick facts about the Waterfront Building

  • 25,841 sqm
  • 129 parking spaces
  • 8 motorbike spaces
  • 11 floors
  • 24/7 security